My tracking information shows no updates. What's going on?

My tracking information shows no updates. What's going on?-image

Not to worry.  We are here to help troubleshoot.  If the tracking shows no progress and only shows "shipping label created" or "ready for UPS" it's more than likely that your package just missed the initial scan as it was loaded onto the UPS truck with many other orders.  This is actually quite normal during these unprecedented times for large item UPS shipments. 

Because these large item packages shipped by UPS have to be manually sorted and accounted for during transportation and at transportation hubs, sometimes tracking information may take a few days to "catch up" to a package's actual location.  More often than not, packages are indeed en route and will updated within 1 - 4 business days of your originally anticipated arrival date. 

If your package has not arrived 7-10 days after your anticipated delivery, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team at 800-453-5557.