Are you sleep habits good?

Are you sleep habits good?-image

Have you perfected your sleep habits or are they lacking? Maybe you need to check in with how your sleep habits are and see if they helping you prosper or if they are holding you back on lack of sleep.

Sleep habits is also known as sleep hygiene, which can include just about anything related to your sleep habits. It does not mean being clean but includes activities from where you sleep at night and time you wake up each day. Some other activities included are your activities prior going to bed, your sleep environment, your diet and exercise are just some more examples of what your sleep hygiene is. If you are practicing sleep hygiene most likely your sleep habits are good then. If not you can always work on them with a little bit of time and with some of these tips.

One way to help you get a good sleep habit is to determine the amount of sleep you need each night. You can gauge this by how you feel when you wake up in the morning and get out of bed. Do you feel energized or do you still feel like you are asleep? You may want to adjust your bed time to see if that will help in the end.

The duration and quality of can affect your sleep hygiene. Quality sleep comes when your sleep environment is at its best. Take a look at your sleep environment and see is your room dark enough? Is your bed comfortable? What is the temperature like? Even the linens you sleep on can help you get that better night of sleep. If you try and commit to help make your environment more sleep friendly it will help you achieve optimal sleep.

Another sleep habit is checking your diet habits. Are you watching what you eat before bed time? Are you having caffeine too late in the day with that evening coffee? Maybe consider switching to decaf for that after dinner snack. Don’t eat to heavy an hour or two before sleep. Some excellent food choices before sleeping include, bananas, oatmeal or tea. Take a look at your diet and see if you can improve your diet and sleep at the same time.

Hopefully with a few of these tips and trial and error you can improve your sleep and feel more energized after a night of sleep. Give them a try and wishing you a good night of sleep!

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