Color effects your sleep

Color effects your sleep-image

Did you know room color might play a role in the quality of your sleep? Travelodge conducted a survey to find out what color scheme promoted the best night’s sleep. Those sleeping in a blue room averaged 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep each night. No other color had as positive an effect on sleep although soft greens and yellows came close. Whether we know the reason or not, I think we instinctively choose blue more often than not for bedroom colors. Some believe the color blue lowers heart and blood pressure rates creating a calm feeling helping us to sleep.

If you are skeptical of the survey, conduct your own. Start peeking into the bedrooms of your friends and family members and see what percentage chose to paint the room blue. You may be wary but in the search for a good night’s sleep, it is worth adding blue to the mix. Working and caring for others all day leaves little room for pampering ourselves and looking after our own mental and physical health. If you are lucky, you get 40 minutes in the gym three times each week. Good, that is important to your sleep quality. Likely, the nicer the gym the better you feel about exercising there. Apply that thinking to your bedroom to help improve your sleep.

Decorate your bedroom with soft colors that make you happy. Keep the room clutter free because clutter creates anxiety. Keep the room cool. Cool air is easier to breathe and your tired brain needs the extra oxygen. Eliminate the light and noisemakers like T.V., radios, laptops and cell phones from the room. Well, at least keep them turned off. Use room-darkening shades so the glorious sunrise does not cheat you out of an hour or two of sleep.

You can skimp on many things but do not skimp on your mattress or bedding. Lightweight but warm and soft sheets, pillows and comforters welcome your tired body. Get a new memory foam mattress for amazing comfort and full body support. The memories of that comfort will penetrate your consciousness during waking hours. Before long, there will be no T.V. show created interesting enough to cheat you out of a single minute of your eight hours of pampered sleep.

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