Healthy Sleep for Healthy Weight

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The results of sleep studies reported by the National Sleep Foundation concludes that lack of good sleep produces hormonal changes in young  sleepers.  Those changes may represent a forerunner to obesity. Dr. Eve Van Cauter, PhD. conducted two of the studies. She referred to sleep deprivation as “the royal route to obesity”. Remember, the tests conducted were on healthy people of average weight. Those who slept 6 ½ hours or less experienced hormonal changes that could influence future health.

One physiological change in sleep deficient people is tolerance to glucose. To keep their blood sugar level, their bodies needed to make 30% more insulin than those consistently sleeping more. That shortage only took weeks to show up, not years. Another hormone, leptin, signals our body that our appetite is satisfied. Leptin levels fall in sleep deprived people, causing hunger and the risk of over eating. Sleep deprived people may confuse fatigue, sleep and hunger. We feel fatigued so we eat when what we need is sleep. Of course, it is also possible to mistake hunger for fatigue and sleep when what we need is food.

One thing is certain, good quality sleep, and enough of it helps us maintain our best weight and therefore our good health. Our blood sugar and leptin levels stabilize while we sleep. Blood pressure and heart rate is regulated as well. Tissue repaired, muscles rested and relaxed and brain function optimized occurs while we sleep. Your body has an easier time running these maintenance checks if you give it the needed amount of time. That is easier to do when you are comfortable. If your mattress is poking you, creating painful pressure points, which interrupt your sleep, you need to replace it.

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