Living a More Organic Lifestyle

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Living a more organic lifestyle can lead to all around health improvements. From increased energy to weight loss, the organic lifestyle is a must if you’re looking to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Trading your favorite, sugar-packed cookies for apples may not sound like something that could bring you happiness and joy, but it will. Going organic takes some time to deliver the first noticeable results, that’s true. Nevertheless, the impact of this healthier regime will be both long-term and mind-blowing.

Here’s how to make this long due switch, in baby steps.

Take One Day at a Time

The worst thing you could do right now is to make a rigid decision to let go of all your old habits at once. This will only put additional pressure on your already fatigued soul, which will only keep you motivated for a day or two. Come Thursday, you’ll give it all up and fall back into your old patterns.

So take it slowly.

Keep the cookies but throw out sugary drinks and potato chips.

The transition to organic life will not be easy on your body (and especially your taste buds) since you’ve spoiled it with calories and artificial ingredients that make unhealthy food taste much better than it actually does. Give yourself some time to prepare for and adjust to this unfamiliar new palette.

Set Your Organic Goals

Now, set some organic goals and make them SMART.

This acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive. It gives you a framework for accomplishing anything you want to do. It can be applied to organic living as well, so start introducing the first specific changes not only to your diet but also to your attitude and mindset.

For example, pen down your organic menu for the week.

Do your homework and learn more about different types of organic food, local producers and farmers markets. Write down some recipes and make a list of healthy ingredients. This will help you read your labels better so that the next time you go out shopping for groceries you can return with only the best.

When shopping, look for organic labels. Certified organic produce will be labeled with a “USDA Organic” seal. These products are made with 95% organic ingredients. If the product is labeled “made with organic ingredients” it is not certified organic and is only made with 70% organic ingredients.

Track Your Mood Changes

SMART goal-setting instructs you to stay on top of your progress, as keeping tabs can actually boost your motivation on one hand and help you improve your approach on the other. Start with your mood changes and write them down at the end of the day. However delicious, bad lifestyle habits have a way of wearing us down. If you’re still feeling down, then at least you’ll know why. Change and repeat.

And remember, going organic is not about instant gratitude.

It’s about moving forward in a more positive, healthier, and natural direction.

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