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We all have been there with our kids and them not sleeping well and keeping you up in the end also. There are some simple things you can do to help your child get a better night’s sleep. Here are some helpful tips to help them sleep better and to help you sleep better in the end.

Forget the games. It can be hard to cut down on screen time and games that your child likes to play on the tablet or a video game system. A 2007 study published in Pediatrics indicated that kids who played one hour of video games an hour before bedtime showed significant sleep issues or having problems sleeping. Try making sure that game play takes place a few hours before bed and not right before bedtime.

Try some breakfast bedtime snacks before bed. Parents try to snacks such as fruit before bed. Which is a great option but it turns out foods that combine protein and carbs, like oatmeal with milk, or toast with natural peanut butter, form amino acids that act like tryptophan, the chemical that makes you feel groggy after a turkey dinner. Foods that can aid sleep include cheese, yogurt, and bananas.

The environment can play a role too. Kids may have trouble falling or staying asleep do to of allergens that cause itching, overheating and congestion. You may consider allergy testing for your child if you suspect this to be the case, and put him to bed in breathable, low-allergen organic cotton pajamas and sheets. Even a memory foam mattress like Live and Sleep can help reduce allergens.

Make bedtime their bedtime fun and special! When children feel happy and loved, they tend to relax a lot easier which can lead to faster sleep time. A predictable bedtime routine such as cuddling up with you for a story is likely to help calm your little one, and help him drift off to dreamland more peacefully.

So why not give a few of these simple tricks a try with your little ones and see how much easier it will be for them to get sleep. You’ll also get your much needed sleep and peace of mind too!

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