Sleep where are you?

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Sleep is such a hard thing to come by sometimes. With all the distractions in the world and thoughts on our minds it can be hard to obtain the perfect amount of sleep.  Do you ever wonder if you will get enough sleep? Well I have tried my hand at a few tips to help get me a better night sleep and thought I would share with you what worked for me.

One of the first things was looking at my diet. I was trying to pay attention to what I eat and drink during the day and evening.  I wanted to make sure I did not go to bed hungry or to over stuffed.  One of my favorite drinks coffee which taste great after a long day at work was actually hindering my sleep in the evenings.

I instead tried two things- switched to decaf after a certain time of the day and also tried tea that did not have caffeine. I found that this helped to my mind from racing to much at night and from wanting to stay up late.  Another drink I tried to stay away from was alcohol also. As it made it my feel sleepy at first but then as the night went on it would backfire and a second wind of energy would occur.  So my suggestion is to cut back on caffeine products late in the day and also watch the amount of alcohol consumed in the evening too.

In trying to get my body to wind down in the evenings I would try a bedtime ritual. I found listening to soothing music like jazz or something low key with dimmed lights seemed to help me relax a little better. Trying to stay away from electronic devices and TV also helped with trying to get a good sleep. Every now and again though a movie or tv show I really like may be on so I end up enjoying watching that and falling asleep.

A comfortable bed and pillow can also contribute to a great night’s sleep. I find that having a good mattress being memory foam or pillow top and a supportive pillow is a big contributor to a good nights sleep. With so many choices and technology today there's son for every type of sleeper.

A few these things are just some starting points on how to obtain a good night’s sleep. Give some of them a try and see if they help you get good night’s sleep too!

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