Mattress Roll Together Can Ruin Your Relationship

Mattress Roll Together Can Ruin Your Relationship-image

Are You Rolling Together at Night?

You climb into bed on your side each night and hubby climbs in from his side. The two of you quickly collide at the dip in the middle. That is okay for a little while, until you actually want to go to sleep. You reach over and grasp the bedpost so you can haul your body away from the dip and closer to the edge. There is still a little support there.

As long as you hold on to the bedpost or the bottom edge of the bed frame, you are reasonably comfortable and air can circulate around you. Hubby just camps out in the dip, which means he has the whole middle of the bed. At some point in the night, you lose your grip and roll to the middle.

The quiet collision wakes you up just enough to repeat the process. Hubby on the other hand, never budges all night and wakes up feeling fine. He has no clue why you think the two of you need a new mattress. Tears of frustration and fatigue threaten. You spend lunch at McDonald’s so you can access their Wi-Fi and research mattresses and guides for purchasing.

By bedtime, you have enough information to make your case for a new mattress. The only opening you need is the fact that you are not getting restful sleep at night. You have looked at ten different mattresses and ten different prices. Somewhere in the middle, you found what you want. To sweeten the deal and give the family budget a break the mattress has a 100 night* sleep trial guarantee, 20 year warranty and free delivery. Buying a mattress online saved money so you will not have to touch the vacation fund. The kicker is you got a queen size to replace your full size. Couples have not slept together on full size mattresses since the 1960’s.

*Luxury Mattress Only

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