Trying to lose weight? Have you looked at how you are sleeping at night?

Trying to lose weight? Have you looked at how you are sleeping at night?-image

Wondering why you can’t quite slim down or maintain your goal weight? It may not be the works out you complete or watching what you eat that are causing the problem. It could be your sleep. There are many studies that show links between not getting enough sleep over a period of time can affect the ability to lose weight.

Researchers show that over time the lack of sleep can change how your body regulates and processes blood sugar and hormones that can control your appetite. Getting sleep of 6 hrs a night or less can help to attribute to a risk of weight gain. If it turns into sleep deprivation it can turn into one of the main reasons you may become obese.

Sleep deprivation can stop your brain from making good decisions especially if it is late at night. It can lead to unhealthy food choices. If you were more rested your brain stands a better chance of making better healthier choices. When you are sleeping you get a natural increase in the hormone leptin, which can help keep you from getting hungry. This can help keep you from the late night cravings you may desire if you are awake. Maybe stop you from wondering where is that left over cake that your grandmother made. Sleeping well can also lead to be regulation of your body metabolism.

What it comes down to if you are wanting to set a goal or maintain a goal weight it’s a good idea to get the right amount of sleep. The right amount can vary from 7-9 hrs of sleep. Your body will thank you for getting the optimal amount of sleep.  Also a new Live and Sleep mattress would probably help the cause.


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