What, How and Why of Sleep

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The answer to the question is the same as it is for “why eat?” If you do not sleep and eat you will die. It is a proven fact not up for debate. If you do not sleep, you may go mad before you actually die. Science wants to know why we need sleep. Many theories are being studied and considered. They have not found the answer yet but along the way, they have learned a lot about sleep. Their findings give us an appreciation of sleep and all the benefits we reap from it.

Our bodies tell us when to eat, breathe and drink. They also tell us to sleep. All four functions are built in mechanisms that sustain life and health. We feel hungry so we eat and the food provides the needed nutrients our body needs to work. We feel sleepy so we sleep and that makes us feel better so good things must be happening while we sleep. We feel alert and energetic after sleep. Going without sleep, like going without food, makes us feel badly. That alone is enough of an answer to “Why sleep?” for most of us.

Without answering the “why do we sleep” question researchers still discovered that it is during sleep that restoration takes place. Muscles grow, tissues are repaired, and necessary hormones released. During sleep, our brain is rejuvenated as well. Most of these restorative processes take place only during sleep. The result is we wake up feeling alert, energetic and in a better mood. We are better able to learn and reason.

Researchers will continue their quest for answers to “why?”. Likely, we will continue to benefit from their journey as they discover “what and how”. As for me, I guess I really do not care about the “why”. I am happy with the simplistic reason for sleep. It keeps me alive and healthy and I look forward to it every night.

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