5 Best Reasons to Sleep More

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Will Sleeping More Benefit Me?

You may sleep well enough each night that you feel okay during the day. Maybe you need a caffeine boost to really get awake and feel sleepy by afternoon but you manage to get through the day. A way to find out if you are getting enough sleep is unset the alarm clock. Start on a weekend and sleep until you wake up naturally. However long you slept last night, schedule it for many hours tonight. When Monday comes, set the alarm at the usual time and fine tune bedtime each night until you consistently wake up 15 minutes before your alarm goes off. Maybe you just have to go to bed ½ hour earlier to achieve that goal. Why bother? There are several reasons.

Increased Pain Threshold: Studies conducted with those experiencing chronic pain indicates reduced sleep lowers their pain threshold. Getting enough sleep decreases pain. If pain keeps you awake, ask your doctor about nighttime pain relievers. A good memory foam mattress, medium firm, will support your whole body and often lessen joint and back pain while sleeping.

Improved Sex Life: If you sleep a little more you might feel like having sex more often. Too tired for sex is a common complaint. I am not talking about parents of young children. Single people and empty nesters claim to be too tired as well. A study by the National Sleep Foundation found 26% of us complain about being too tired for sex.

Better Health: Research has found links between sleep deprivation and illness. Allowing your body enough sleep time to process through the stages for rejuvenating your system will help your immune system. As you age, you will be less likely to experience heart disease, diabetes and obesity among other illnesses.

More Alert: It can take hours before sleep deprived people feel fully alert. Imagine being clear headed and productive before 10:00 a.m. Your morning mood will likely improve as well and your risk of injury and accident will decrease.

Weight Loss: Weight loss could be in the “Better Health” category because if you are overweight it is a health problem. The fact you are sleep deprived means you are less likely to exercise and more likely to crave carbohydrates. When you are tired, levels of the hormone leptin fall. Leptin makes us feel full. Less sleep equals lower leptin levels and the result is hunger.

If you never thought about those five reasons to get more sleep, consider them now. They matter.

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