A Mattress is not an Heirloom

A Mattress is not an Heirloom-image

Samantha is a lucky girl. She has a good job and is about to move into her first apartment. It is going to be just hers. There will be no roommates. The apartment building tenants are grownups in they have finished school, have jobs and pay their own rent. Some even have children. In this building, everybody stays in his or her own apartment unless verbally invited into your apartment. They all have real furniture in all the rooms. That is a problem for Sam because she does not have any furniture. She has things that serve as furniture but plans to dispose of them on the curb as soon as she completes making a large “FREE” sign.

Lucky Samantha has an enthusiastic extended family anxious to see her settled in her own place. They all have furniture going unused and are pleased to give it to Sam. Among the eclectic collection is a huge old sleigh bed complete with mattress and box springs. The bedding, sealed in plastic, has been stored in Aunt Lou’s attic for at least ten years. Nobody is sure of the exact age. On moving day, it took four guys to move the huge bed. When unwrapped, the mattress and box spring was pristine with silver blue shiny covers. Sam added sheets, comforter and many pillows to the bed and felt like a princess going to bed.

The following morning princess Sam decided it felt more like a bicycle was under her mattress than a pea. In her whole life, Sam had never given one thought to what she was sleeping on. She expected she would adapt to the mattress. Two weeks later, with sore hipbones and an aching back Sam carefully measured her bed for size. Her research had led to her to conclude that a memory foam mattress, medium firm, would be the perfect addition to her bed. A few clicks of her computer and the mattress was on the way to her. With much tugging and pulling Sam muscled the old mattress and box spring to the curb and placed a new “FREE” sign on it.  After one night on the new mattress, Sam woke feeling her real age. She did not have to pay thousands for her new mattress. Surprisingly her budget barely had to stretch at all. A girl should buy three items new. A mattress is one of them.

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