The Mattress Made Me Fat

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Can Your Mattress Make You Fat?

Big Belly and the Magic Mattress. People are always glowing after they buy a memory foam mattress. They go on about how their back does not hurt in the morning any more. Their restless leg syndrome suddenly disappeared. When they lie down on their memory foam mattress at night, everything stops hurting and when they wake up nothing hurts. What they say about memory foam is all-true. It seems magical because once you are truly comfortable and well rested, like you have never been before, it feels like a miracle.

You get a buoyancy from a memory foam mattress but without any motion. The beautiful dense foam feels firm at first. Gradually, as you lie on it, the warmth of your body softens the foam and it molds to your body. It gives a customized support just for you. Memory foam is the Holy Grail for big bellies. They need special support as well as backs, knees and shoulders. Big bellies and the magic of memory foam have a beautiful romance with each other.

Where you have less weight, there is less softening of the foam providing just the right amount of support for your shoulders, ankles and elbows. However, through thighs, hips and stomach, the foam molds and makes room for these weightier areas and provides more support. On a regular innerspring mattress, the heaviest part of your body is going to create pull on other parts of your body. For instance, if you have a large belly and lie in bed on your side, gradually you start to feel an ache in your back because the gravity of your belly is pulling your back muscles. The tossing, turning and wakefulness begins and lasts all night as you try to get comfortable. Less sleep can lead to the munchies and make that belly bigger.  On a memory foam mattress, your whole body is supported from top to bottom. You and your belly will have a much deeper night sleep.

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