Do You Really Need a New Mattress?

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Yes, it is true. We spend 1/3 of our life in bed, give or take. There must be a good reason for it, like health and sanity, so we should probably make the most of the time. Not many people are familiar with buying a mattress. We probably buy more cars in our lifetime than we do mattresses. The idea that we can finance the purchase of a mattress is unsettling because who knew they could cost so much? It is just a mattress! Nobody even sees it so what does it matter?

Well, it matters if you wake up with a backache every morning when you sleep at home but not when you sleep at her place. Look at your mattress. Would you be ashamed to set it out by the curb for pick-up and the whole neighborhood to see? You could leave the sheets on it but everybody is going to know anyway. Try this. Flip a quarter on your mattress. It landed in the dip, right? That dip is not your sweet spot. It is why your back aches.

It is probably part myth but it is said that a mattress doubles in weight over a ten-year period. Do you know why? Not just dust mites but their droppings too. Maybe a bed bug (they live on blood and can go a year without eating) here and there. You can sweat up to a pint of fluid each night. Your mattress and other bedding absorb that. Then there is whatever the dog and cat dragged in. Look at the mattress tag to find if it is more than ten years old. If the print is too faded to read, it probably is more than ten years from the purchase date.

If I still have your attention, you will agree that you need a new mattress. There is no mystery. Almost everybody does well with a medium firm mattress. Buy the biggest mattress you can afford that will fit in your bedroom. The more room to sleep the finer the sleep. Choose one with a sleep trial so you can return it if you just hate it. Be sure there is a manufacturer warranty for 10 years. If your budget allows, aim between low middle and high middle in price. When your new mattress arrives, put a nice mattress pad on to keep dust and parasites out and then add sheets. Wash sheets and pad frequently in hot water.  You are good to go! Better sleep, Better life.

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