Exercise Actually Helps Improve SLEEP, Seriously

Exercise Actually Helps Improve SLEEP, Seriously-image

Going to the gym just doesn't cut it.  Taking extra classes like Body Pump workouts or Zumba® classes and some other fitness classes at my gym when I can fit in my busy schedule might just do it. It’s a fun work out that seems more like a party than a workout. Group fitness classes tend to be the best motivation for most. Though sometimes with schedules running or walking may be the easiest thing to fit in some days. Just a few minutes a day like take for example 10 minutes of some form of exercise can help improve your night’s sleep. The crew at Live and Sleep did not think this was true but noticing an effort our team put forth to try to fit some exercises in we did notice a better night’s sleep in the end.

Exercise can help boost sleep in many ways.

It can help increase the amount you sleep. Your sleep duration can be improved by the physical activity you complete throughout the day. When you are physically active it requires you to expand energy and helps to make you feel tired which leads to you needing more rest at the end of the day. Exercise research indicates that if it is part of a daily routine it can help increase your sleep duration.

Quality of sleep can improve. It can help contribute to more restful and better sleep. Exercise can increase your time spent in deep sleep, which is the most restorative sleep phase. Deep sleep helps with cardiac health, and can decrease stress and anxiety also.

Stress and anxiety is reduced. Exercise routines can help reduce your stress levels. Stress is a cause of sleep problems. Which these include falling asleep and a restless sleep during the night. Also for anxiety it is a helpful remedy for anxiety and mood issues. Only 5 minutes of exercise can help start the anti-anxiety responses in the body. Yoga is a great example that can help quiet the nervous system which can help you relax. It can help you reduce the blood pressure and give positive mood effects.

So why not try to give yourself sometime for exercise in your schedule. Just a small start with 10 minutes a day or increase it over time and see how your sleep improves each night. Happy sleeping!

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