Sex and 7 Sleep Situations

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It is so weird to go to sleep at night. We are in our own body in our own room yet we have no clue what is happening to us during those hours. It is as if our brain keeps secrets from us. We could video tape ourselves sleeping but we still would not know what is happening in our brain. Which memories and ideas has it decided to toss? Maybe we wanted to keep those. We just wake up every morning feeling good and spend 16 hours as we choose. Then for 8 hours or so, your brain quietly does whatever it does.

We have to leave the big questions to science. However, even though unexplainable, many of us share the same weird experiences during sleep. I suppose there is some comfort in that. Some common sleep experiences shared by many according to Men's Health Magazine.


Here are 7 sleep situations:

  • Falling: The only explanation is that the brain is entering a sleep cycle fast and the body is trying to catch up. The more tired you are the more likely it will happen.
  • Sleep Paralysis: Waking up and not being able to move right away is sleep paralysis. It is terrifying enough to know there is such a sleep state. Waking up before the sleep paralysis wears off, unable to move, is not as bad as waking up during surgery, but still scary.
  • Recurring Dreams: Oh how we love to speculate on the meaning of the dark shadow of the man under the street lamp. Why do we always wake up before we find out who is following us? Do you remember the first vampire movie you saw at age twelve? Sometimes it takes the brain a while to resolve that kind of psychological experience.
  • Sleep Talking: I will not mention any names here but some people fall asleep and just keep talking when the dreams begin. This is weirder for the sleep partner (or airline seatmate) than the sleeper. It last less than 60 seconds but may recur during the first two hours of sleep.


  • Sleep Walking: This is the dangerous sleep experience. You are just awake enough to move around and not awake enough to know what you are doing. The danger of course, comes from falling or wandering outside.
  • Exploding Head Syndrome: Your body has not achieved sleep paralysis yet and your senses are still turned on. Still, you are heading to deep sleep anyway. Suddenly, a loud explosion causes you to jump straight up in bed, heart pounding. Only there was no explosion. Really, no gunshot and nobody hit your car.
  • Sleep Sex: Weird but it happens. Pay attention to where you fall asleep and be aware of the environment around you when you awake.


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