Mattress Warranty and Returns Facts

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It is true! If you remove the law tag from your new mattress, you void your warranty. Buy your mattress from a retailer that offers warranties and guarantees. Read them carefully because they are not all equal.  “Guaranteed or your money back” is just the beginning. Keep reading because retailers follow that phrase with their own interpretation.

You no longer need to spend all day going from showroom to showroom and hearing high-commissioned salesman telling you why their exclusive Posture-sleeper-beauty 4000 model is the best and if you buy it today only, you will save $1,000.  Today you can easily buy a new mattress online, experts recommend that you get a comfort guarantee or sleep trial with it.

Mattress warranty and returns facts: Make sure you get a sleep trial or comfort guarantee that is good for no less than 60 days or more. For whatever reason, if the mattress proves to be less comfortable than you thought, you want to be able to return or exchange it. Even with the guarantee, most retailers will charge you for returns. Know the cost ahead of time. The average fee is $75 for the retail store to pick the mattress up and a 15% restocking fee.  There are too many good options available online today that do not charge those high fees.  Ask about return charges, use fees or restocking fees.  If the retailer has them, go elsewhere.

Mattress warranties do not cover comfort, just defects in material or construction. Most warranties are good for ten years. Keep the receipt and paperwork where you can find it if you need to make a claim within the warranty period. You will void the warranty if you remove the “Do Not Remove “tag. Your warranty will also be useless for a mattress that shows dirt or stains. For that reason, when you buy the mattress invest a little more and get a quality mattress protector that envelops the whole mattress. It will help keep the dust mites away too. A denied claim for a sagging mattress claim may be due to poor box-spring or foundation support. When buying a new mattress consider a new foundation or box spring as well if your current foundation is over 5 years old.

Not all warranties will give you full replacement cost. Often they deduct a user fee from the replacement cost. Hopefully, you will never have to use a warranty. It is worth the little time and effort needed to find out exactly what your choices are if time proves your new mattress does not meet expectations. A good mattress costs money. You will sleep better knowing you have protected your investment.

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