Relaxation Techniques

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Coming off of the holiday season can be stressful and trying to get back in to the routine of everyday life. It’s probably a safe bet that there is plenty of stress which can lead to a restless night of sleep. Instead of wondering if you will ever get a good night’s sleep again why not consider using some simple relaxation techniques to help you manage anxiety and stress allowing you to sleep better.

Breathing technique

Taking a deep, slow breath is a powerful way to clear your body of tension and a great way to help you relax for better sleep. When completing deep breathing it can help kick off a series of physiological changes and helps with relaxation. This can also help reduce blood pressure and muscle tension.  

Breathing technique can be done very easily by taking a series of slow inhales and exhale breathes and you can make this a regular daily routine also. It is especially helpful when you feel anxious or stressed to pause and take a moment to breathe. When you’re taking a deep breath you are increasing the body’s oxygen level. This will allow your body to work slightly less hard to function and also serves as a meditative quality also. When you complete deep breathing before bedtime you are mimicking the breathing patterns of sleep onset. And most importantly putting your mind to a period of rest.

Power of imagination with guided imagery

Another thing to try is guided imagery, which is a mind body technique that be used to reduce stress and help promote better sleep. This uses exercises engaging all the senses in a focused period imagination. For example think about tasting a favorite food of yours, like for example chocolate. Imagine it hitting your tongue and the smell of it as you enjoy the flavorful food. Maybe your mouth started to water when you tried this. This shows the power of imagination and of guided imagery. Guided imagery can be focused on different goals such as getting a better night’s sleep. It can be used as a pre bedtime ritual to help relieve stress. Try spending a few min thinking of a favorite vacation you took or would love to take, like floating on a raft in the Caribbean on teal colored waters.


Regular yoga practice is known to cure several aliments such as abnormal sleeping, relieve stress and help with insomnia. Yoga can help you unwind at the end of a stressful day. A goodnight’s sleep and relief of anxiety are just a few stretches away. Here are some yoga techniques to try before you sleep.

Cat Strech-excellenct stretch for spine flexibility and helps massage the digestive organs to help improve digestion allowing for better sleep. Improves circulation and relaxes the mind.

Child Pose-A deep relaxing stretch for the back and core which can help your nervous system so that you can sleep better.

Forward Bend-Can help stretch back muscles invigorate the nervous system by increasing blood supply and makes the spine supple.

The potential benefits of relaxation practices can help you manage your way through many different daily stressful situations. By integrating relaxation techniques into your daily routine can help to improve your sleep and lower your levels of stress and anxiety. It can help to contribute to whole body health and wellness.

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