Seven Symptoms Associated with Sleep Deprivation

Seven Symptoms Associated with Sleep Deprivation-image

When children over react to a dropped ice cream cone or broken toy, we call it a meltdown. Likely, we credit the overreaction to their being tired and we tuck them into bed. Lucky kids, they go right to sleep and do not wake up for 9 or 10 hours. We adults, on the other hand, are on our own. We have
to recognize our own symptoms of sleep deprivation and tuck ourselves into bed. If we cannot sleep 7 or 8 hours then we may need medical help.

Here are 7 symptoms related to sleep deprivation that you’ll need to recognize:

  1. Irritability: The big kid meltdown. You feel irritable and angry over trivial events or mistakes.
  2. Confusion: Inability to understand what is said to you. This will make you feel strange. You are calm and comfortable listening as someone speaks to you, you just cannot make sense of what they are you. In addition, you cannot form and express a coherent response to them.
  3. Overwhelmed: The whole world is coming down around you. You cannot come up with a solution to any problem.
  4. Poor memory: Someone just told you something you needed to know and five minutes later, you cannot remember what it was.
  5. Poor Concentration: Everything is in slow motion. Hours pass, yet no meaningful work is been completed.
  6. Fatigue: Overwhelmed and exhausted, you just want to checkout mentally and physically right where you are.
  7. Change in Eating Habits: Your body craves simple carbohydrates and caffeine or on the other hand, eating anything is too much trouble. Either represents a dramatic change.

Your own symptoms of sleep deprivation may go undetected by you. Eventually others will let you know something is wrong when they tire of your bad temper, cranky attitude and poor work performance. Sleep deprivation influences every area of your life and health. You are inclined to make poor choices and slow reaction time means you are accident-prone. If you feel at odds with the whole world, examine your sleep habits. If you are not getting sound sleep for 8 hours a night, talk to a sleep specialist instead of trying to resolve your sleep disorder by yourself. Your health as well as your relationships are at risk.

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