Should You Sleep in the Nude?

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What do you wear to bed? Many people choose flannels and t-shirts. They probably like them because they wear them all day and they do not have to change before going to bed. Then when they wake up, they are already dressed. It is efficient, especially for students and people who work at home, like writers. If you have to run out to pick up a newspaper or grab a coffee from a drive up window you are sort of dressed. Should your building catch fire you will not be sharing any secrets on the ten o’clock news video as you descend the ladder to safety. You are always ready to answer the door. The risk of arrest if you sleepwalk is low.

Personal preference dictates what we sleep in. Some people prefer nothing at all. They are more comfortable sleeping nude. There is a measure of convenience for couples. However nude sleeping is inconvenient for the previous mentioned activities of running to the door, store or from fire. It does save on shopping and laundry. You can go right out of bed and into the shower each morning. Sleeping in the nude means no binding clothing interfering with sleep comfort. I do wonder about the people in Minnesota though. It seems to me nude sleeping is likely climate driven.

I know the shops sell silk pajamas for men and lacy lingerie set for women. Given as gifts for weddings, I do not know if anyone wears them. I have no reason to know. The National Institute for Sleep suggests we wear lightweight, loose fitting nightclothes made from breathable fabrics. They should also be fire retardant for both children and adults. Beyond that, I guess it does not matter what you sleep in as long as you do not frighten or traumatize the children. You know, they never knock.

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