9 Sleep Tips to go to Sleep Now

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9 Sleep Tips to Fall Asleep Now.  Most of us are familiar with occasional insomnia caused by worry. Sleep can be hard to come by when we are just very happy and excited about what is happening in our life. Ask any kid on Christmas Eve, or the night before their birthday. There is a reason why parents keep the Disney Trip a secret until it's time to leave for the airport. Over stimulated children do not sleep well and neither do adults. Wonderful life events are more fun when we can experience them well rested. If you are having, trouble getting your brain to shut up and let you sleep then try some of these tips.


Remember, the situation is temporary.

  • Timing - Go to bed and get up the same time as usual. Follow your good nighttime routine of no electronics in the dark, cool quiet room.
  • Shower or bath - Try taking a warm shower or bath just before bed. As your skin cools, it makes you sleepy.
  • Glass of milk - Warm milk really does work but if you prefer cold milk, that works too.
  • Hunger pains - Do not go to bed hungry, have a light snack.
  • Sooner - Start your down time a little sooner.
  • Screens - Turn off the T.V., computer and smart phone.
  • Read - turn down the lights and read or listen to quiet music.
  • Quiet Time - Quiet your mind with prayer or meditation.
  • Self talk - If you are doing all that and still lying awake, give yourself ten minutes to think about how excited you are and why. During those 10 minutes, self-talk about all the reasons you are excited. Review anything that makes you a little nervous or unsure and decide how you will deal with them. When your ten minutes are up, focus on something else. Focus on a ceiling fan, do math in your head, recite poetry, try to name all your old girlfriends or boyfriends, first and last name.


We are such emotional creatures. The world is either ending so, we cannot sleep or life is good and we are too excited to sleep. Look into finding a good memory foam mattress to improve sleep. Graduations, job promotions, weddings, presentations, parties and births are exciting but all these events have just enough anxiety rolled in to give us the occasional sleepless night.

Sleep is one of the most important elements in our lives. Make sure you get enough of it.


Live your life and Sleep your best!



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