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DaVinci’s Secret for Sleep. Children have some interesting sleep positions. Adults think if they look uncomfortable then they must be uncomfortable. So, they try to move them, which wakes them up. I never woke mine up. I did take many pictures though. They slept with their bottoms up in the air or their faces covered and lower- half uncovered. One of mine always slept crosswise on the bed. As he grew he just angled a little more. We brought in a kids bed for an older child and every morning we found him sleeping in his old crib with the baby. I have found others sleeping under the bed and once in the dogs bed. When kids are tired they assume the position and fall blissfully asleep.

Grownups have some strange sleep habits too. Their habits seem more about control than blissful natural sleep.

  • Winston Churchill drank a whiskey and soda at 5:00 p.m. each night and went to sleep for two hours. He said could get 18 hours of work out of 24. His schedule necessitated cabinet meetings occasionally held in the bath tub.
  • Leonardo DaVinci followed the Uberman sleep cycle. Every four hours he napped for 20 minutes. Many animals sleep this way. Supposedly, those who adhere to this sleep schedule are immediately able to drop into REM sleep, accumulating 2 hours of REM in 24. Thomas Jefferson was another who adopted this sleep schedule as well as inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla however accumulated only two hours of sleep total in 24.
  • Charles Dickens slept with a compass to make sure he slept facing north. He always wrote facing north as well. Dickens believed facing north improved his creativity.
  • Novelist Emily Bronte` had difficulty getting to sleep so she repeatedly walked laps around her dining room table until she felt sleepy. My own children have run laps around our table when overtired. Just for fun, the dog would chase them. Everyone slept well after.

Everyone probably has a funny story about how someone else sleeps. My wife does. I was lying in the bed napping during one of my in-laws endless family gatherings. I awoke to see people standing over me. It turns out that during a game my wife told family members that I sleep with my eyes open. They did not believe her so they gathered around to see for themselves and sure enough, I do. After that, I recommended to my wife that going forward, she might want to sleep with her eyes open.

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