Do you know what Three Dog Night Means?

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Do you know what Three Dog Night Means? Have you wondered what sleeping under the stars is like? I do not mean sleeping in a sleeping bag on top of an air mattress on a cot inside a waterproof tent. I mean lying on the ground and going to sleep with nothing between you and nature. I suppose during the early days humans sought out soft ground and areas sheltered from the weather. Maybe after spending all day trying to feed themselves and protect themselves from being eaten, they were tired enough to sleep anywhere.

They had sense enough to choose a cave and claim squatters’ rights to find some comfort. Likely, they caught on quick that animal skins were more comfortable than the ground and warmer too. Without access to central heating, at some point they figured out the animal skins were warmer if the animal was still alive. “Three Dog Night” is an old Australian term for a cold night. The implication being that you needed three living breathing dogs to stay warm. I guess the dog has always been man’s best friend.

I wonder if they chose the dog by default. It is not as if cats are going to stick around and keep you warm all night. They sleep all day and want go out walking at night. Just about any other animal that could keep you warm could also eat you. Therefore, common sense tells you it is the dog by default. It was not a bad deal for the dog either. He got living breathing humans to keep him warm. Smart dogs then rode the coat tails of humans to real warmth and comfort as they continued to perfect sleeping comfort by inventing comfortable mattresses and keeping them inside. The dogs came right along with them.

Tonight, all across the world people are sleeping on mattresses costing big money. Who is lying crosswise refusing to move? Who keeps you awake chasing rabbits in his sleep? Who leaves dingle berries on the sheets? The dog of course! He looks insulted if you even hint that he might sleep on the plush carpeted floor. The dog is from another era, when loyalty was rewarded. “Joy to the World”, he is not giving it up either.

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