How To Keep Feeling Young

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So as we all age we all want to be energetic, feel young and be in top health as we age. There are many things we can do to stay healthy and keep us mentally and physically fit also. Here are just a few things to give a try and see if you will start feeling better and more youthful.

Playing games and puzzles

Playing games and puzzles can help young people grow their minds but they can also keep us young at heart cognitively also. A daily crossword puzzle is a great start and you could also try new problem solving exercises. Games and puzzles can also challenge and stimulate the key parts of the brain which include logic, visual perception, language and flexibility. Sudoku or chess is a great challenge for any age.

Kick some bad habits

Maybe you still smoke and there is no better time than now to kick it. Smoking is bad for you for many reasons. One reason is that it can hinder you brain function. 1 cigarette a day can extend a period of reduced cognitive ability and if you were to smoke 15 daily it can alter your memory and thinking by almost 2 percent. If you were to stop smoking it can benefit your brain by increasing circulation almost instantly. Make it an important goal to kick this nasty habit.


Connecting with friends is a great way to help improve your health. It can help you with both areas of well-being and both areas mental and physical. When doing this you will likely keep moving as you connect with friends by having constant interactions with friends and staying social. The connectedeness goes a long way in helping you feel young and needed. These strong connections and love in your life is one of the key elements of well-being.

Re-visiting favorite pastimes

When you get older sometimes you abandon some of the activities you once enjoyed in your youth, like listening to music or riding a bike. If you can reconnect with some of these things you use to do in your teen years it can help to reconnect with your youthful vitality. Some things that may help you feel like a kid again are making cookies, or preparing a family recipes that you enjoyed as a child.

So give some of these a try and see if your youthful side comes out and stay young at heart!  


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