Memory Foam Mattress for the Aging

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I have good kids. They really try to make my life easier any way they can. Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I opened a small gift box and inside was a picture of a mattress. I guess they noticed the confusion on my face. They all started talking at once. As their mother, I have long since learned to extract their meaning from their noise. They bought a memory foam mattress for me thinking it would relieve my aching, aging joints. Hmmm and okay is all I could say.

They were on the move. Two of them went into my bedroom and hauled my whole bed with mattress and box springs out to the garage. Oh Golly! Somebody get the vacuum! In the clean space, they placed a wood slatted frame. With the precision of a dockworker, one of them cut the wrapper holding the memory foam mattress and it unfurled into the room resisting all tries to control it. It smelled terrible. My son explained the mattress was releasing gas and the odor would dissipate soon. That sent the kids into floor pounding fits of laughter so we excused them from the room.

The smallest granddaughter climbed on the bed and tried to jump on the mattress. It was anticlimactic since the bed had no spring for her. That made me wonder how I was going to get out of bed each morning and once or twice during the night. I am old! I count on the bedsprings to give me a boost to my feet. We opened the windows so the mattress could air out during the rest of the day and continued with the Christmas cooking, serving and cleaning up. Before she left my daughter made up my new bed so it was ready for sleeping.

After the long day I needed some peaceful slumber. I was tired and my body ached all over. I fell asleep while I was deciding if I could sleep here or go into the guest room. Believe me when I tell you I woke up nine hours later. I did not wake up at all during the night. For the moment, nothing ached and I just lay there thinking how smart my kids are.

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