Understanding our Sensational Dreams

Understanding our Sensational Dreams-image

Dreams: (According to Bing Dictionary)

  1. A sequence of images that appear involuntarily to the mind of somebody who is sleeping, often a mixture of real and imaginary characters, places, and events.
  2. To experience vivid mental images of something while sleeping.

We have the definition of dream as it relates to sleep. After years of research, there are many theories about why we dream. However, there is no hard evidence supporting any one. A long-established theory, one confirmed by most Moms, is you dream so you will not go crazy. Any expansion of that theory would be “your brain is cleaning house” or “your brain is filing your memories and experiences into the correct file drawers so you can find them when you need them”. That works well enough.

One thing we know for sure is we all do it. While it is likely no two people dream the same dreams, there are several strong similarities experienced by all of us.

  • We forget 95% of our dreams once we wake up. We come awake with a residue of the dream and try to remember but we no longer have access.
  • Dream feelings are intense. We are terrified, embarrassed or feel anxious and helpless. Sometimes our dreams are so intense; we wake up or try to and have difficulty pulling ourselves out of it.
  • We experience unusual sensations like falling, being paralyzed and unable to move parts of our bodies.
  • Our dreams do not make sense. While in our dream, we do not question the odd locations, people from our past or supernatural events and abilities. It all seems normal. If we briefly remember our dream upon awakening, we wonder what it was all about because now it seems bazaar.

There are probably several good reasons why we dream. We at Live and Sleep wonder whether dreaming has anything to do with how comfortable you sleep and if your mattress type has anything to do with it. One-day sleep researchers will nail those reasons down for us. Meanwhile we are all in it together so there must be a good reason for them. Dream on.

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