The Day After New Year’s Eve

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So it was a fun night celebrating New Year’s Eve but now it’s the next day and so comes the aftermath of recovering and getting the sleep you deserve. Here are some tips to help get your day started. It’s never fun to have but there are some natural hangover cures that can help. You may know some of these already but some you may not know about. These are pretty easy things to stock up on and some can be easily stored by your bed.

Bananas are tended to be favored by athletes because of their potassium, which in turn actually makes them great for hangovers too. When you are hungry you are actually lacking potassium which your body needs. When eating a banana then it can help provide you relief and make it easier to feel better. If you cannot fathom the idea of eating a banana then why not try making a smoothie mixed with a little bit of honey, another hangover fighter ingredient.

Honey is a miracle food for all sorts of things, from hangover to many applications. It is the fructose in the honey that helps your body metabolize the alcohol and again contains potassium like bananas. If you are really sick from the hangover you can take 2-6 teaspoons of honey every 20 minutes until you feel better. Combining honey and bananas is like a double dose of help for the hangover.

Make sure to drink water

Water is one of the most obvious cures for the hangover. You just need to make sure to include H20 during your recovery. It will work better than other remedy it’s just remembering to drink lots of it. A good rule of thumb is drinking one glass of water for every shot or glass of alcohol can help you prevent the next day hangover. Another way to help prevent it to is also drink 3-4 cups of water right before bed time.


So when getting ready to celebrate the new year’s this year keep these helpful tips in mind for the day after and to help you refresh for the start of the new year. Be safe and enjoy your holidays!


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