Sleep And Why It Should Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolution

Sleep And Why It Should Be Part of Your New Year’s Resolution-image

Add sleep to your New Year's resolution list

You may not think about sleep needing to be on your resolution list but it is an important part of your health and lifestyle. It’s as important as getting enough exercise and watching what you eat. It may be surprising but getting better sleep along with exercising more can help you lose weight. Getting more sleep can help you steer away from junk food possibly since it helps to decrease your appetite. It can help fight the feelings of fatigue allowing you to exercise more and leading to a healthier lifestyle.

A new year’s resolution of getting more sleep can be a big challenge and a hard habit to get into. Habits can be hard to break, like trying to avoid sweets all day or to exercise every single day. Trying to get more then 1-2 more hours of sleep can be hard to get every day. So taking small steps like trying for an extra 30 minutes for a week and then following week try for another hour can help you gradually install this into your lifestyle.

Sleep Tips

There are some tips that you can try and follow to that can help improve your sleep habits too. You can begin by keeping a sleep diary, or a log of when you go to bed and when you get up. It will help you see how your pattern is whether or not if you need to improve on your sleep time. If you still feel like sleep is a problem you can always outreach to your doctor to see if there is another under lying problem.

One other sleep hurdle is checking your email or text after the time you should be sleeping. We are all guilty of checking our phone or lap top right at bed time. Make it habit to shut down from electronics before bed time, like an hour before you sleep. It will help you unwind and decompress better when you go to sleep making it easier to get to sleep too.

It may be hard some times to incorporate some of these changes in your life and routine but in the end taking the time to make some small changes can help lead you to better sleep. When you incorporate better sleep into your lifestyle you feel healthier and better about life too!


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