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Who doesn’t like a good binge watching session of your favorite show and how easy it is now a days that you can watch the whole season in one setting. According to studies there are a lot of people binge watching these days. Almost 70 percent of Americans are binge watchers. So has anyone thought how all this viewing might affect one’s sleep? Experts are finding that there are some effects on sleep from the binge watching.

Is binge watching related to sleep issues?

A recent study was completed on how binge watching and extended viewing can impact your sleep. The study has participants from young adults to older adults and analyzed their regular TV watching habits, binge watching habits and their sleep quality. If they were experiencing any fatigue and or insomnia. What was found that there are strong links between binge watching and sleep issues. Among some of the participants they indicated they were a poor sleeper and experienced poor sleep quality linked to binge watching. Binge watching was also linked to fatigue and poor sleep quality. In the end researchers found that binge watching linked to sleep problems more so than regular TV watching.

You can help to control your binge watching and you can help protect your sleep quality and health. Some simple tips you can follow include not watching the show alone. Maybe instead of everyone trying to watch on their own devices since everyone has devices and Wi-Fi it may be a better idea to try watching a program or show together. This helps to keep people in check and when to say enough is enough to take a break from binging.

Recommendations from binge watchers

Try watching in light rather than darkness. Instead of viewing in darkness try viewing with lights by turning on some lights when you watch TV. With having light in the room you will more likely maintain a stronger connection to what is happening around you. You might give yourself a chance to distract yourself with something like a task you have meaning to complete or a conversation with your friend or your child. It may even trigger you to think of reading a book which can help limit your viewing time. One last tip is to limit your time watching. Set a time maybe not like 4 hrs of watching but instead watch 2-3 episodes and then taking a break to do something else.

There is a lot to learn with changing our viewing habits and how it effects our health and sleep. It does not mean you need to cancel your Netflix subscription but instead may try setting reasonable amounts of viewing time and also incorporate other ways to relax.


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