Seasonal Slumber A Problem?

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Holidays are a fun time with parties, shopping and get togethers but it can take a toll on your sleep routine. Making sure you get enough between now and the start of the New Year can be hard to get. When you make an effort get more sleep you can keep your exercise routine on schedule and can ward off any weight gain. There are some simple steps you can take to help get quality sleep during the busy time of the year.

Make Time To Spend With Friends And Family

Though it may be hard sometimes to make time during these busy holiday days but can actually help you sleep better. It is an effective way to destress during the times when you are celebrating and connecting with family and friends. Exchanging gifts and attending holiday parties can boost your levels of oxytocin, which is a biochemical that can block the body’s stress chemical which can help lead to better sleep at night.

Watching A Holiday Comedy

You may love to watch the It’s A Wonderful Life and is a great tradition but in the end it can actually hinder getting a good night sleep. Researchers have found that actually watching a comedy can help stress hormones decrease allowing people to relax and feel better as opposed to watching a more serious holiday movie. Take a load off and watch a funny holiday classic such as ELF, Christmas Vacation or Scrooged. It will help you feel more relaxed for bed time.

An Occasional Nap Is Not A Bad Thing

When taking a nap for example between 1 and 4 pm it will help you with your sleep, boost your energy and make you feel great in the end. A nap for up to 90 minutes is a great idea if you can fit in. If naps are not easy for you then try laying down for 20 minutes at the same time every day. When practicing this it will help your body get used to the idea of relaxing in the middle of the day. You will sleep better in the end and also be able to celebrate longer to.

Try a few of these tips this busy holiday season and see if it helps you get better sleep this holiday season. Your body will thank you and you will feel less stressed and happier too!


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