Why do we dream?

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Why do people dream?

One of the many questions over the many years is “why do people dream?” It’s a question that many experts are still trying to figure out. Dreams happen during one of the 5 stages of REM, or rapid eye movement.

During the stage the person’s eyes move rapidly back and forth, which this occurs about an hour and a half in to falling asleep. A person’s breath becomes more shallow and irregular, and their heart rate and blood pressure both increase. The REM stage of sleep is almost like being awake, but there is no body movement. About a fifth of all sleep occurs during this stage. Experts indicate that answers to the question of why people dream is that it helps facilitate the necessary processing for the brain. People’s dreams occur when the brain is stimulated in the memory and learning parts of the brain.

REM Sleep

The National Institutes of Health indicate during the REM sleep is a time when the brain processes and sorts information acquired during the day. The brain picks up old images and information also, but then reorganized these thoughts like a file cabinet. It is the organization that takes place that ends up being your dreams.

When you dream, the body ends up being in the state of paralysis that keeps the person from acting out their dreams. Though there are moments when this seems to malfunction leading to talking or walking in their sleep. A lot of these seem to happen more with children then adults.

Have you awakened abruptly from a dream? Sometimes this could be dream deprivation, which can result in increased tension and irritability, along with problems of concentrating. Over time if dream interruptions occur this can also result in weight gain and hallucinatory tendencies.

Do you remember your dream?

Most of the times dreams are odd and don’t relate to anything. Often though they can be components of daily routines or things that happened to you during the day. So dreams are still often hard to explain some times. Leaving experts still asking “why do we dream”. The only thing for sure is that most people dream even if they do not remember it.


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