It’s Fall Back Time And Here Are Some Tips To Help

It’s Fall Back Time And Here Are Some Tips To Help-image

Day light savings

Day light savings is coming to end here and our bodies will begin to adjust to the new light dark cycle over time. It is not as scary as you may think it might be trying to adjust to the time change. These helpful tips can help you get through the day light change.

Avoid staying up to late the night before the time changes. You may be thinking it’s ok, I will be getting an extra hour of sleep. The only problem is that this can mess with your rhythm of sleep cycles. It could cause you to want to go to bed and wake up earlier than your environment may indicate to you. Try to go to bed at a normal time and or a little earlier to help keep your normal sleep patterns.

Take the time to plan ahead

If you know you are affected by the changes in daylight cycle you want to go ahead an plan to try to help combat this. For example if you get up 10-15 minutes each morning each week leading up to the time change taking place. It may help to ease the transition.

If you need an extra hour of sleep take advantage of it on Sunday night not in the morning. You will feel more rested if you get more sleep at night. Your fall back will still include the extra hour of sleep and you feel better at the same time.

Don’t waste the extra hour of sleep!

You may be gaining an hour which a lot of people will just catch more zzz’s but this might not be the best option for people. It may make it tougher for you to fall asleep Sunday night and could make you feel off the rest of the week. Why not try to get up at your usual time and use the extra hour to do something fun. Like for example cooking a healthy breakfast or get your morning exercise in or spend more quality time with a loved one.

Whatever you do with the extra hour of time fear not that your body will adjust to the time change It may take a few days but you will survive. The amount of time it takes to adjust varies from person to person. One other thing is don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour this weekend and enjoy the weekend!  


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