Eating In Bed, Is It Good Or Bad?

Eating In Bed, Is It Good Or Bad?-image

So is eating in bed really bad for you or is it ok? We all may be guilty of this and especially if space is limited like in a small apartment or depending on your living situation. Your bed may be a place where you can be alone or you don’t have to make small talk with a roommate or your spouse depending on how your day is going you may need your space. So the other thing that comes with this is watching TV and maybe even looking stuff up on your tablet. One day we started discussing this topic at LIveandsleep and we started to wonder if this bad or good to eat in bed. To eat in bed or not to eat in bed that is the question.

Keep The Bedroom Tidy

Aside from some crumbs or an occasional spill it can be sometimes unsanitary. One of our staff who use to work for a cleaning services that they could tell half the places they cleaned had signs of people eating in their bed. So for example most people would take their dishes to the kitchen sink but in extreme cases sometimes the bedroom became like the dining room and did not clean it up. As a result, bugs would show up after time which is not your ideal living situation. So keep the room tidy to help prevent this. People who don’t keep after themselves run the risk of these creepy crawlers coming in to their place. Certain foods can attract different types of bugs. For example sweet foods such as soda, cupcakes, fruit juices can attract ants and certain flies. Even cockroaches can make an appearance depending on the food and how dirty the bed is.

Wash Bed Sheets Each Week

A good rule of thumb either way if you don’t eat in bed or you do should wash the bed sheets each week. If you are eating in bed, every three days would be ideal to clean your sheets to keep on top of the crumbs and mess. It will help keep your bed clean and help prevent these pesky unwanted visitors from invading.

Feel Good About Your New Eco Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

In the end after discussing this amongst discussion amongst staff, we ended up deciding that it may be best to keep your bed separate from your dining room. It really should be the place for rest and relaxation and not the place to eat or watch tv. Treat your bed like a sanctuary not the living room or kitchen.


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